Conterra understands not all borrowers look the same.


We tailor solutions to meet the needs of those borrowers when traditional financing just does not fit. Besides our traditional financing options, Conterra has flexible capital to provide solutions for many types of borrowers, including transitional financing, debt restructuring and bridge loans.


The Conterra team can provide the best possible solution and service for every transaction.


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Below are some examples of how Conterra was able to help producers refinance their operations.


Stressed Sample at Submission


  • Feedlot and cow calf operation located in Oregon.
  • Typically run 750 head of cattle, the operation utilizes leased ground in the winter and BLM grassland through permits.
  • Owned by a husband and wife with three young children who are wanting to raise cattle when they grow up.
  • Tight cash position (struggling to pay monthly bills).
  • Expanded heavily during the higher priced cattle market in an effort to grow the operation for future generations.
  • The expansion was financed using personal money, the operating line, and mid-term debt 3-5-year notes.



After Working with Conterra

  • Conterra provided cash from refinancing real estate to relieve daily pressure of cash outflows.
  • The payments were amortized over 25 years to relieve annual payments.
  • The reduced annual debt service allowed the borrowers to start building cash back into the operation and to complete some of the recent developments.
  • The operation now runs at its new capacity and anticipates meeting all obligations while building up equity.



Conterra offers a wide range of loan products designed to meet the needs of today’s farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses.

There are times when capital is needed on a short-term basis. That can be when capital is needed quickly to take advantage of an opportunity or when events necessitate a short-term capital infusion. These loans typically have a 12 or 24 month maturity with a variety of payment options with longer amortizations or interest only. The reasons your operation may need a bridge loan vary greatly. As long as real estate and other ag collateral is available to use as security we are willing to evaluate your application for a bridge loan.

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7755 Office Plaza Dr. North, STE 195

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7755 Office Plaza Dr. North Ste 195

West Des Moines, IA 50266